Raven Aerostar's High Altitude Expertise Supports Google's Project Loon

Broadband Internet Access to the Developing World

For the past few months, Raven Aerostar has been working closely with Google in a pilot project called Project Loon designed to provide broadband wireless internet access to millions of people worldwide. This innovative solution utilizes Raven Aerostar high altitude balloons.

"Raven Aerostar is our balloon design partner and manufacturer of our envelopes. They bring to the project decades of expertise in high altitude balloon engineering as well as the latest breakthroughs in super pressure balloon engineering."

- Mike Cassidy, Project Lead, Google[x]

This collaboration has the potential to change millions of lives. Improved medical care, access to knowledge, and enriched agriculture are all benefits of connecting people.

"Project Loon is a Raven Aerostar collaboration with Google that celebrates a common mission to solve great challenges through innovative technology and to provide critical communication capabilities to developing nations."

- Lon Stroschein, Raven Aerostar Vice President & General Manager

Raven Aerostar is proud to add this historical event to its long history of lighter-than-air innovation. Parent company Raven Industries has been involved in breakthrough innovation for decades. NASA uses Raven Aerostar to provide balloons capable of carrying multi-million dollar technology above 99% of the atmosphere. Red Bull Stratos utilized a Raven Aerostar Zero Pressure Balloon to help with Felix Baumgartner’s historic 128,000 foot jump from space.

Raven Aerostar balloons are proven vehicles that provide affordable, repeatable access to the stratosphere.

Project Loon Quick Facts

  • Google and Raven Aerostar
  • Bringing internet connectivity to developing nations
  • 60 feet in diameter Super Pressure Balloons; pumpkin shaped
  • Multiple week flight duration
  • Approximately 67,000 feet cruising altitude
  • Stratollite technology
  • Solar panels provide system power

Raven Aerostar Quick Facts 

  • Raven Industries founded 1956
  • Publicly traded (NASDAQ:RAVN)
  • Red Bull Stratos balloon manufacturer
  • Solves great challenges through innovative technologies
  • Raven Aerostar balloon record: Longest duration with a large scientific payload (55 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes aloft)
  • Raven Aerostar balloon record: Heaviest scientific payload (8,000 pounds) 
  • Raven Aerostar balloon record: Largest balloon ever successfully flown (60 million cubic feet) 

"I don't see any end to the innovation and the ideation to what can be done using balloons. We think that this type of technology is going to change the world."

- Lon Stroschein, Raven Aerostar Vice President and General Manager

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