Communications + Beyond Line of Sight

Extending mission networks, Raven Aerostar’s Total Situational Awareness Solutions instantly enhance your persistent surveillance, communications, and operational awareness anywhere in the world. [U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Ashley Hyatt, released]

Enhancing Long-Range Communications

In harsh and austere environments, long-range communications are often obstructed and impossible to connect. When communications are mission-critical, Raven Aerostar’s total situational awareness solutions allow wireless networks to connect in theater.

Link Nodes in a Network A well-placed suite of sensors can link nodes in a communications network and extend sensor ranges from a few miles to a few thousand miles.
Extend Sensor
Operators need a wealth of information during intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications missions. We connect all of the key elements of your operation, from radar to video surveillance—ensuring that data is accurately transmitted and received at long ranges.
Ensure Continuous Sensor Coverage From strategically placed aerostats to stratospheric balloons, our elevated systems provide continuous data and camera video throughout the platform’s search range.
Protect + Defend Our total situational awareness solutions allow operators to monitor a larger operational environment—from a rocky coastline to a lengthy national border.
Provide Wireless Internet Access Raven Aerostar is working closely with Google in their audacious moonshot called Project Loon, designed to provide wireless internet access to millions of people worldwide. Our work with Google has the potential to change millions of lives. Improved medical care, access to knowledge, and enriched agriculture are all benefits of connecting people.

System Integration: The Total Solution

Raven Aerostar is a systems integrator, offering tailored turnkey solutions for advanced situational awareness. Our systems are used to enhance communications at long ranges—extending your mission networks when connectivity is critical.

Our Products

Raven Aerostar is a leader in tethered aerostat systems, radar systems, high altitude balloons, and military decoys. Leveraging our many strategic partners, we provide fully-integrated systems—whatever the mission. Using a systems-of-systems approach, your solution can be integrated together to form a larger operational network for scientific research operations.

Solutions & Services

  • Installation and integration of sensor payloads; ability to integrate new and legacy sensors onto a variety of land, maritime and air platforms
  • Sensor packages tailored to meet customer mission and budget
  • Proven integration with leading industry EO/IR cameras and radars
  • Communications integration
  • Local and remote operator command and control
  • Field Service Representatives and Flight Director support for on-site assistance, maintenance, repair and day-to-day operations
  • Dedicated integration and operations facilities
  • CONUS and OCONUS operations and basic maintenance training programs
  • Site surveys and design

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