Infrastructure Protection

“Aerostats give you greater range, and greater range gives you an early warning. An early warning of even five or ten minutes is critical to prepare for an assault and allow you to adopt a defensive posture.” – Craig Laws; Senior Manager, Tethered Aerostats; Captain, U.S. Navy Reserve


Raven Aerostar offers long-duration, reliable, cost-effective solutions for critical infrastructure protection and security, elevating payloads and extending sensor ranges for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications.

Oil & Gas Security

Oil and gas facilities can be vulnerable to attack by criminal or terrorist entities.  Raven Aerostar systems offer a means to ramp-up security with 24/7 situational awareness.

Disaster Response

Post-natural disasters, when critical infrastructure may be damaged or weakened, Raven Aerostar systems are able to reconstitute communications and internet, providing the connectivity necessary to sustain operations.

Food & Agriculture Operations

Monitoring crop health is integral to improving yields for the global agriculture market. Raven Aerostar solutions provide a persistent overview of farmlands and facilities—so you can ensure crop production is maximized.


Raven Aerostar is a systems integrator, offering tailored turnkey solutions for advanced situational awareness. Our systems heighten critical infrastructure response, security and operational objectives—whatever the mission.


Raven Aerostar is a leader in TETHERED AEROSTAT SYSTEMS, RADAR SYSTEMS, HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOONS and MILITARY DECOYS. Leveraging our many strategic partners, we provide fully-integrated systems—whatever the mission. Using a systems-of-systems approach, your solution can be integrated together to form a larger operational network for critical infrastructure protection operations.


  • Installation and integration of sensor payloads; ability to integrate new and legacy sensors on a variety of land, maritime and air platforms
  • Sensor packages tailored to meet customer mission and budget
  • Proven integration with leading industry EO/IR cameras and radars
  • Communications integration
  • Local and remote operator command and control
  • Field Service Representatives and Flight Director support for on-site assistance, maintenance, repair and day-to-day operations
  • Dedicated integration and operations facilities
  • CONUS and OCONUS operations and basic maintenance training programs
  • Site surveys and design