Scientific Research

“Raven is a technology company born out of the roots of our high altitude and stratospheric ballooning missions going back to the 1950s. Well before John Kennedy asked us to get to the moon in the 1960s, we were involved in developing, designing and helping the physics behind space suits and space travel.” – Lon Stroschein, Raven Director of Corporate Development

Scientific Research at All Altitudes

For decades, Raven Aerostar has had a distinguished history of collaborating with university and scientific partners. Our systems are used in formal research applications around the globe, and we continue to challenge the limits of technology as we design, develop and integrate new solutions.

Monitoring Atmospheric Conditions Whether you are studying the effects of the Earth’s atmosphere or fielding experimental instruments, our systems provide complete, persistent situational awareness—allowing you to make observations, gather data, and conduct formal experiments at all altitudes.
Satellite Missions Raven Aerostar’s integrated solutions offer a cost-effective, independent means of getting a payload to the edge of space. An alternative to traditional satellites, they carry scientific equipment to altitude quickly and inexpensively. They also allow researchers to retrieve and refresh the technology up to several times a month.
Astronomical Observation For years, Raven Aerostar has collaborated with NASA to use high altitude research balloons to study the Sun and outer space. Our systems take your equipment to precise altitudes—so you can answer important questions about the effects of the universe—and ensure its safe delivery for data collection.
Geological &
Maritime Studies
Whether you are studying algae bloom or traffic patterns, persistent environmental monitoring is made possible with our integrated solutions, enabling missions extending from a few weeks to years.

System Integration: The Total Solution

Raven Aerostar is a systems integrator, offering tailored turnkey solutions for advanced situational awareness. Our integrated solutions are a technology that allow our customers to conduct scientific research reliably, inexpensively, and from anywhere in the world.

Our Products

Raven Aerostar is a leader in high altitude balloons, tethered aerostat systems, radar systems and military decoys. Leveraging our many strategic partners, we provide fully-integrated systems—whatever the mission. Using a systems-of-systems approach, your solution can be integrated together to form a larger operational network for scientific research operations.

Solutions & Services

  • Installation and integration of sensor payloads; ability to integrate new and legacy sensors onto a variety of land, maritime and air platforms
  • Sensor packages tailored to meet customer mission and budget
  • Proven integration with leading industry EO/IR cameras and radars
  • Communications integration
  • Local and remote operator command and control
  • Field Service Representatives and Flight Director support for on-site assistance, maintenance, repair and day-to-day operations
  • Dedicated integration and operations facilities
  • CONUS and OCONUS operations and basic maintenance training programs
  • Site surveys and design

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