Here’s how Google makes its giant, internet-beaming balloons

Google Project Loon

Google X, the secretive moonshot lab run under Google's parent company Alphabet, wants to make the internet accessible for everyone.

That's why Google has been refining its giant, internet-beaming balloons since 2013 as part of its Project Loon. But to make that vision a reality, Google has gotten some outside help from Raven Aerostar, a stratospheric balloon desi...

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Apr 24th 2015, 16:52

NASA balloon reaches Australia after nearly one month of flight

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va., April 24, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- After nearly a month of flight, a massive NASA Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) is closing in on a key milestone of completing the first of many planned circumnavigations of the globe.

Launched from Wanaka Airport, New Zealand, March 26 EDT (March 27 in New Zealand) and flying due east, the balloon is predicted to begin overfligh...

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Oct 3rd 2014, 12:00

Raven Aerostar Tethered Aerostats in xyHt Magazine

xyHt Magazine's October 2014 issue explores why high-tech helium balloons may be a better choice than UAVs. Craig Laws, senior product manager of aerostats and military decoys, explains how Raven Aerostar's tethered aerostats provide unmatched performance and complete situational awareness for a multitude of needs.


GEOSPATIAL PROFESSIONALS are able to choose from an increasin...

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Aug 7th 2014, 13:24

Raven Industries Balloon for Google Project Loon Exceeds 120 Days of Flight

Sioux Falls, SD (August 07, 2014) — Raven Aerostar (NASDAQ: RAVN) marked its one-year anniversary of Google’s Project Loon public unveiling with an impressive milestone accomplishment; a Raven Aerostar balloon surpassed 120 days of flight in the stratosphere. This Loon Balloon, named Ibis 152, was launched from New Zealand on February 26 and fully circled the earth twice.

Last summer, Ra...

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