Responsive Aerostat Systems

“The Aerostar aerostat system is a proven technology providing key situational awareness in a given area through its radar and EO/IR payloads. It provided a broad picture of the surface and air traffic around the HSV SWIFT. This paid big dividends in extending the range of onboard systems on HSV SWIFT.” – Ted J. Venable, CN Program Manager/Unmanned Aircraft Systems Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Southern Command Commander, U.S. FOURTH Fleet

Gathering Intelligence. Broadening the Horizon.

Responsive Aerostat Systems are long-duration, reliable platforms that perform critical missions for a smart, cost-effective investment. Optimized for quick-reaction deployments, they are used in missions where operators can gather intelligence and react quickly. They can operate onsite as a full turnkey system or, using a system of systems approach, they can be integrated with other platforms to form a larger operational network. 

Persistent Technology

Aerostats have operated successfully in commercial, military and scientific uses for decades. Already empowering forces across the globe, Responsive Aerostat Systems offer 24/7 persistent surveillance. When paired with mission-specific sensors (such as Radar Systems, EO/IR cameras, and technology relays), they optimize communication, intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance.

  • Border and Maritime Surveillance
  • Force Protection
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Beyond Line of Sight Communication Relays
  • Incident Awareness and Assessment
  • Disaster Response
  • Atmospheric Testing

Meeting Critical Needs

Responsive Aerostat Systems can be rapidly fielded in both land and maritime environments. Raven Aerostar is a systems integrator, offering tailored turnkey solutions as well as Operational Support. Able to carry a wide range of payloads and technology, Responsive Aerostat Systems are customized to meet any mission need.

  • Provide timely intelligence of target information
  • Employ radar and camera surveillance to provide overwatch and search large areas
  • Reconstitute, extend range and improve network communications
  • Enhance defense operations and monitor suspicious activity
  • Improve mission analysis and neutralization time
  • Maintain continuous air, land and sea domain awareness

System Components

  • Aerostat Envelope
  • Command and Control Module
  • Mission Equipment Box
  • Electro Optical Tether Line
  • Winch System
  • Mobile Mooring Platform


Responsive Aerostat Systems can be efficiently operated by a crew of 4-6 personnel.

Model No. Length Diameter Maximum
Flight Altitude
Power Available
ft m ft m lb kg ft AGL kW
TIF-25K 76 23.2 25 7.6 501 227 3000 2.5

Aerostat performance is dependent on flight altitude, operational elevation, payload weight, and weather conditions.