Continued Airworthiness Instructions

Performance and Maintenance Standards

In addition to and in accordance with the FAA regulations, every Aerostar/Raven hot air balloon must be inspected and maintained in accordance with the most current revision of the Aerostar Continued Airworthiness Instructions (ACAI) manual.

PX-1 Porosity Tester

Operating Instructions

Revised: 09/16/2013
This updated revision of the Operating Instructions Manual for the PX-1 Porosity Tester includes a procedure for the inspection and verification of the calibration plate used with the PX-1. Following this procedure, found in section 4.0, eliminates the need to send the calibration plate to Aerostar International for an annual calibration. If your calibration plate is no longer within the acceptable tolerances, new calibration plates are available from Parts Authority.

ACAI Manual

The ACAI manual contains detailed information for the performance of the required Annual or 100-hour inspections, and the methods and techniques for the proper maintenance of the various components of our hot air balloon systems.

Revision E, 02/24/2013
Part I, 69 pages
Appendix I, 9 pages
Part II, 131 pages
Appendix II, 115 pages
Inspection Checklist, 15 pages

Airworthiness Limitations

Section 3.0, 16 pages

Service Letters

Service Letter 101 Service Letter 106 Service Letter 111
Service Letter 102 Service Letter 107 Service Letter 112
Service Letter 103 Service Letter 108 Service Letter 113
Service Letter 104 Service Letter 109  
Service Letter 105 Service Letter 110  

Service Bulletins

Service Bulletin 101 Service Bulletin 114 Service Bulletin 127
Service Bulletin 102 Service Bulletin 115 Service Bulletin 128
Service Bulletin 103 Service Bulletin 116 Service Bulletin 129
Service Bulletin 104 Service Bulletin 117 Service Bulletin 130
Service Bulletin 105 Service Bulletin 118 Service Bulletin 131
Service Bulletin 106 Service Bulletin 119 Service Bulletin 132
Service Bulletin 107 Service Bulletin 120 Service Bulletin 133
Service Bulletin 108 Service Bulletin 121 Service Bulletin 134
Service Bulletin 109 Service Bulletin 122 Service Bulletin 135
Service Bulletin 110 Service Bulletin 123 Service Bulletin 136
Service Bulletin 111 Service Bulletin 124 Service Bulletin 137
Service Bulletin 112 Service Bulletin 125 Service Bulletin 138
Service Bulletin 113 Service Bulletin 126  

Maintenance Bulletin

Maintenance Bulletin #805001
Date of Issue: 09/29/2005
Subject: Inspection of pilot light orifice (HP2-update and HP3 burners)

Maintenance Bulletin #0611002
Date of Issue: 06/09/2011
Subject: Rework and repair of pilot light vapor converter (HP2-update and HP3 burners)

Airworthiness Directives

Valve System
Effective Date: 09/17/1975
Category: Airframe
Recurring: Yes
Fuel Supply Hose Assemblies
Effective Date: 05/21/1986
Category: Airframe
Recurring: No
Gondola Liner
Effective Date: 02/13/1976
Category: Airframe
Recurring: No
Suspension Cables
Effective Date: 12/04/1990
Category: Airframe
Recurring: Yes
Parachute Top Release
Effective Date: 01/07/1980
Category: Airframe
Recurring: No
Balloon Basket Fuel Hose
Effective Date: 08/18/1993
Category: Airframe
Recurring: No
Hook and Pile Fastener Tape
Effective Date: 10/13/1981
Category: Balloons
Recurring: Yes