Helium Inflatables

A Cause for Celebration

Parade Balloons

Raven Aerostar has produced parade balloons for some of the largest parades, festivals and entertainment parks in the world.

Our parade balloons include stock and custom-shaped helium inflatables and cold air inflatables. 

Parade balloon type and size can be customized to accommodate parade route width, weather conditions and obstacles (including power lines, traffic lights, trees and road turns). Raven Aerostar's sales staff is highly knowledgeable and will help guide your decisions for each parade route and special event.

Get Noticed

Helium & Air Tight Inflatables

An airtight inflatable is the perfect solution for getting noticed when you don't want the noise of a continuous cold air blower or your shape does not have enough volume to fly when filled with helium.

The airtight inflatable solution can sit on the ground or be suspended from the air to drive attention to your brand.

Stock Shape or Custom Tethered Inflatables

Shape tethered helium inflatables are one of Raven Aerostar's most proven and economical advertising mediums. Raven Aerostar can create custom shapes or replicate your unique product or image.

Popular, stock shapes, include Sphere and Blimp shapes.