Ship Pilot

Raven Traffic Management System


The Commercial Grade Solution

Light weight traffic management via AIS, with an emergency backup GPS

Raven Bluetooth Pilot Interface

  • 20+ hours of operation without charging the battery
    • Software shows operation hours remaining
  • Automatically adapts to wrong AIS data baud rate
    • Software displays baud rate
  • Automatically adapts to wiring errors
    • Software displays wiring errors
  • Dimmable status LEDs from laptop for night operation

SBAS GPS Receiver

  • 20+ hours of battery operation
  • 3m 2D RMS accuracy ( 3m with SBAS, 10 m without SBAS)
  • Easy setup for emergency back-up

Raven Wheelhouse II Software

  • Developed by Raven over the past 15 years with the help of ship pilots
  • User-configurable layering of chart data (S57, channel centerlines, etc.)
  • Online chart updates
  • Manual or automatic intercept calculations
  • Works with Raven Wheelhouse PDA on Apple iPhone or iPod Touch



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