Military Decoys

Training Device. Enemy Deception. Strategic Defense.

Raven Aerostar’s inflatable military decoys defend and protect the modern warfighter. Intended to mimic highly sophisticated military weapons and equipment, inflatable decoys are fielded to deceive, distract, conceal and protect. Effective and affordable, they can also be used as training aids. Virtually any aircraft or vehicle can be replicated as a turnkey solution that is easily deployable and operational within minutes.

Due to our manufacturing expertise and custom design capabilities, Aerostar’s inflatable military decoys are exceedingly realistic. Boasting reliability, ease of use and durability, they can be enhanced to include visual replication, radar signatures, thermal signatures and mobility.


  • Turnkey system; easily deployable and operational within minutes
  • Lightweight; easy to transport and stow
  • Standout thermal signatures simulate engines, mufflers, drivers and jet exhausts
  • Radar reflective components deceive advanced surveillance systems
  • Mobility options; fully-concealed transportable platforms allow for rapid deployment into any environmental condition
  • Cost effective
  • SIGINT and ELINT; signals and electronic intelligence

Established Units

Scud Missile Launcher SA-3 Roland
T-72 SA-5 F-15
ZSU-23-4 SA-8 F-16
STYX Missile SA-10 Missile Fuel Truck
BMP3 SA-10 Radar HUMVEE Avenger
2S6 SA-15 GAZ-66-4
SA-2 SA-19  


Ease of Operations

Aerostar's military decoys are lightweight, compact and quickly assembled or disassembled.

Video: Military Decoy Setup (T-72 Tank)
Setup personnel: 1
Elapsed time: 13 minutes