Balloon Performance Curves

Sounding Balloon Performance Curves

Raven Aerostar's Sounding Balloons are ideal for short-duration missions. A Sounding Balloon is designed to ascend into the atmosphere until the balloon becomes fully inflated, bringing its payload to a specified altitude. Once the pressure becomes too great, the balloon will terminate by bursting. A parachute deploys and the user payload is sent back to earth. The performance curves illustrate which size of balloon would best fulfill the requirements for a mission.

Zero Pressure Balloon Performance Curves

Designed to bring a payload to a specific altitude and remain aloft for a desired period of time, Zero Pressure Balloons can maintain altitude from a few days up to multiple months. These cost-effective, modern high altitude balloons are capable of both short and long flight durations. The performance curves show the weight of a payload that can be carried at a certain altitude based on the volume of the balloon.