Smart Sensor Radar System


Automated Wide-Area Tracking

The Vista SSRS-F50 is a revolutionary 360° wide-area radar system, used for early detection of targets and their movement over land and water. Vista Radar Systems employ proprietary algorithms that incorporate more than 30 years of stored data, enabling the systems to more accurately and efficiently determine real targets. The SSRS-F50 is controlled remotely and operates from a diverse set of platforms (including towers, vehicles, ships, aerostats and aircraft). It is designed and optimized for automatically tracking targets against difficult radar clutter conditions, eliminating the need for operator adjustments and tuning.

Mission Possibilities

The Vista SSRS-F50 can be used to increase persistent surveillance capabilities and enhance total situational awareness.

  • Defense
  • Intelligence and Reconnaissance
  • Port Security
  • Coastal Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Disaster Response
  • Incident Awareness and Assessment
  • Drug and Smuggling Interdiction
  • Force Protection


  • Unprecedented range detection and tracking performance
  • Automated tracking of small and large targets
  • Automatically tunes to the local environment – no adjustments required
  • Continuous 360° automated wide-area tracking
  • Extremely low false alarm rates
  • Land, Maritime and Air tracking
  • All-weather 24/7 operation
  • Composite display of tracks from multiple sensor feeds in combination with camera imagery
  • Multi-Sensor Cueing
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Can operate from a diverse set of platforms (towers, vehicles, ships, aircraft)
  • Command and control centers via Ethernet/XML
  • Embedded status and control web application
  • Interactive and intuitive Geographic Information System (GIS)-based track displays In multiple simultaneous clients over internet
  • Web-based fault system remote maintenance


WEIGHT 98 kg (216 lbs)



  • 50 kW
  • 10 ft antenna

Smart Sensor Radar Processor (SSRP)

  • Advanced signal processor provides wide-area detection and tracking
  • Includes archive for replay or forensic track analysis
  • Designed for elevated temperatures and high-vibration environments
  • Automatically tunes to the local environment
  • Can be integrated into existing radars to transform an underperforming radar into a solution with intelligent tracking capabilities

Radar Control Unit (RCU)

  • Environmentally sealed option for remote or aerostat applications
  • Enables remote, web-based radar control, including customized radar modes for land surveillance applications
  • Outputs raw radar signals to SSRP

vStorm Common Operating Picture

vSTORM delivers the ability to acquire, process and disseminate information from multiple sensors across a large number of data consumers. This common operating picture provides seamless integration of sensor capabilities for planning and preemption, integrated force management, and effective deployment of system of systems.

  • Wide-area performance, designed for global integration of many sensors, generating high fidelity track rates
  • Real-time analytics and forensics and unmatched sensor synergy
  • Render pipeline accelerates identification of potential threats
  • Simultaneous processing & display of maritime, land and air targets

Equipment described herein requires U.S. Government authorization for export purposes. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.