Tethered Aerostats

Product Overview

"Tethered aerostats are the most cost-effective and adaptable persistent surveillance platform on the market. Our aerostats and sensors have many thousands of hours of persistent flight time throughout Afghanistan providing military intelligence in order to defend our troops from IEDs and other insurgent activity around our forward bases. That mission has proven modern aerostats to be one of the most reliable and cost-efficient platforms in the world for persistent surveillance."

- Lon Stroschein, Raven Aerostar VP & General Manager

Unmatched Performance in Lighter-Than-Air Technologies

With over 50 years of lighter-than-air (LTA) experience and technology, Raven Aerostar manufactures aerostats that provide unmatched performance, rapid deployment and turnkey Persistent Surveillance Solutions for a multitude of needs:

  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Reconnaissance
  • Research
  • Force Protection
  • Border/Port Security
  • Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Communication Relays
  • Situational Awareness
  • Rapid Acquisition
  • Disaster Response
  • Incident Awareness & Assessment
  • Monitoring Air Quality & Atmospheric Conditions

The Tethered Aerostat product line is the result of our long experience and proven history with LTA technologies, including tethered blimps and aerostats in our inflatable product line. With both large and tactical standard systems and our ability and willingness for customization, we meet our customer's mission requirements--however challenging. Proprietary, lightweight fabrics increase lift capabilities while decreasing the aerostat size. These tethered aerostat systems can be tailored to meet any challenging operational environment.

Raven Aerostar's Tethered Aerostats are designed to support a variety of payloads at altitudes ranging from a few hundred feet to several thousand feet. Available for purchase or lease, Tethered Aerostats come with an envelope, command and control module, mission equipment box, electro-optical tether, and a mobile mooring platform (including winch system). Flight Services teams are available to operate and train customers on Tethered Aerostats.

Raven Aerostar was awarded in 2010 for its outstanding service, unwavering commitment and tireless dedication as a supplier of vital tethered aerostats, currently being used for force protection under Operation Enduring Freedom.