TIF-17K Tethered Aerostat

"Aerostar remains committed to developing products and technology that expand strategic capabilities and increase value for our customers."

- Scott Wickersham, Raven Aerostar Director of Product Development


Flexible Aerial Platform

The TIF-17K™ complete system includes an aerostat envelope, Mobile Mooring Platform (US DOT compliant), winch system, electro-optical tether and command and control module which can be customized for specific mission requirements. Dependent on payload and mission requirements, the system can operate up to 2,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).

The electro-optical tether line allows the user to concentrate only on the type of payload to fly instead of power and payload control needs.

The Mobile Mooring Platform (MMP) used can accomodate a TIF-6500™ through a TIF-17K™ envelope. This allows for ultimate flexibilty in accomplishing various missions. The TIF-17K™ can also be placed on the same MMP as the TIF-25K™.


  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Interchangeability of payloads: sensors, radars, communications repeaters, atmospheric testing sensors, arrays, monitoring devices, AIS repeaters
  • Only two to three operators required during launch and recovery due to ease of operations and four to five operators for initial set-up


Volume: 17,000 cubic feet
Length: 66'
Diameter: 21'
User Payload Capacity at 2000’ AGL: 230 lbs
Maximum Flight Altitude: 2,000' AGL