TIF-25K Tethered Aerostat

"The robust design of the aerostat coupled with the experience of the flight operations team, proved capable of supporting critical operations despite rough seas and strong winds."

- Craig Laws, Program Manager for Raven Aerostar


Persistent Surveillance Systems

The TIF-25K™ Tethered Aerostat System is a versatile, value-driven turn-key, rapid deployment, tethered aerostat system for persistent surveillance solutions and aerial communication relays. The TIF-25K™ provides an aerodynamically stable, reliable, cost-effective aerial platform.

The standard system configuration will fly user payloads weighing up to 420 pounds to 2,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) on a standard atmospheric day. Flight altitudes up to 3,000 feet can be accommodated with the standard system configuration.

The TIF-25K™ can be deployed and operational within a few hours of arrival on site, ready for communications, intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance (CISR) activities.

The electro-optical tether line allows the user to concentrate only on the type of payload to fly instead of power and payload control needs.

The Mobile Mooring Platform (MMP) used can accomodate a 17K™ through a 25K™ envelope. This allows for ultimate flexibilty in accomplishing various missions.

TIF-25K protecting US Troops at a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan

All of Aerostar's turn-key aerostat systems utilize our proprietary Integrated Telemetry System™ (ITS™), which allows for instantaneous monitoring of the aerostat and all systems as well as the wind direction, speed, GPS location and temperature.


  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Interchangeability of payloads: sensors, radars, communications repeaters, atmospheric testing sensors, arrays, monitoring devices, AIS repeaters
  • Only two to three operators required during launch and recovery due to ease of operations and four to five operators for initial set-up


Volume: 25,000 cubic feet
Length: 76' (23.2M)
Diameter: 25'
User Payload Capacity at 2000’ AGL: 468 lbs
User Payload Capacity at 3000' AGL: 302 lbs
Maximum Flight Altitude: 3,000'

For more information about available payload power, flight durations, flying altitudes, detailed system specifications and capabilities or assistance with picking the right size of aerostat in the product family, please contact us.

Pictured above:  The TIF-25K Tethered Aerostat moored onboard the HSV 2 SWIFT, leased by the US Navy.

Pictured right:  TIF-25K Tethered Aerostat protecting US troops at a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan.