Protective Wear

Product Overview

"Raven Aerostar's mission is to remain the world's leader in fabric sewing and sealing technology."

– Lon Stroschein, Raven Aerostar VP & General Manager

Critical Protection for Hazardous Missions

Protective clothing demands the highest level of technical expertise. Aerostar International, Inc. (Raven Aerostar) has over 50 plus years of experience manufacturing high quality, technically demanding products, ensuring that the protective garment you wear will perform above expectations.

Whatever the threat, we provide critical protection for commercial, military and government personnel.

Raven Aerostar's Protective Wear Garments

NEMESIS: Multispectral Signature Concealment

Raven Aerostar’s NEMESIS™ Garments, Personal Hides and Equipment Covers provide the wearer with ability to greatly reduce range of detection from sophisticated radar technology and multi-spectral electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors. The modern warfighter and security personnel have an amplified need for detection protection against rapidly advancing persistent sensor technology. NEMESIS conceals personnel and high value equipment against advanced infrared surveillance sensors and radio frequency (RF). This new concealment technology offers a significant tactical advantage for daytime and nighttime operations, including improved infiltration and exfiltration with minimal detection.

Multifabs Survival Suits

Originally developed for protection of oil industry personnel, who fly over the North Sea, Multifabs dry immersion suits are available in a variety of configurations to protect the wearer in a variety of aviation and marine environments.

Immersion suits are made with Gore-Tex® materials and Nomex® (fire resistant) fabrics, providing strength, durability and reliability. Configurations include constant wear coveralls, emergency quick donning suits and reinforced coveralls for high-abrasion resistance.

Raven Aerostar offers full service waterproof repairs for immersion suits and a variety of dry suit accessories, including thermal liners and neoprene hoods and gloves. Component parts and air test kits for waterproof testing are also available for qualified repair stations or trained military technicians.

Ruggedized Anti-Exposure Coveralls

Raven Aerostar is a leading supplier of anti-exposure coveralls for all branches within the Department of Defense. Our expertise in manufacturing, coupled with proven design, allows for comfortable, waterproof protection that fits mission requirements.