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Smart Sensor Radar System

“The [Raven Aerostar] Radar capabilities are impressive. Being able to detect air and surface tracks beyond the onboard sensors of the ship is critical to situational awareness and illicit trafficking detection and monitoring. The advanced processor allows the operator to interpret the data quickly.”

- Ted J. Venable, CN Program Manager/Unmanned Aircraft Systems Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Southern Command Commander, U.S. FOURTH Fleet 

Advanced Radar Processing for Wide-Area Surveillance

The Vista Smart Sensor Radar System (SSRS) is designed and optimized for tracking targets against difficult radar clutter conditions. SSRS products accurately and reliably detect and track land, maritime and air targets of interest for defense, security, intelligence and safety applications.

The Vista Smart Sensor Surveillance family consists of the Smart Sensor Radar Processor (SSRP) for land or maritime use. The SSRP Maritime version was selected by the U.S. Navy for combatant upgrades to track small boats, and the SSRP Land version was selected by the U.S. Army Persistent Ground Surveillance Program for protecting land forces in Afghanistan. Both offer unparalleled performance for tracking small targets at long ranges.

Ease of Operations

SSRS products can be controlled remotely and operate from a diverse set of platforms such as towers, vehicles, ships and aerostats. SSRS provides dynamically adaptive, automatic, 360° wide-area persistent situational awareness without any operator adjustments, turning of controls or interpretation of data. SSRS tracks an array of difficult to detect targets and easily integrates with other sensors to offer target classification and identification.

In addition to offering unprecedented range detection and tracking performance, the advanced systems provide extremely low false alarms, immediate cueing of camera systems, and classification and identification of targets, including boats, vehicles, UAVs, aircraft and pedestrians.

Features & Performance

  • Fully adaptive with no operation adjustments
  • Continuous 360° automated wide-area tracking
  • Extremely low false alarm rates
  • All-weather 24/7 operation
  • Embedded status and control web application
  • Unattended remote deployments
  • Composite display of tracks from multiple sensor feeds in combination with camera imagery
  • Interactive and intuitive Geographic Information System (GIS)-based track displays in multiple simultaneous clients over internet
  • Command and control centers via Ethernet / XML
  • Web-based fault system remote maintenance

Technology Integration

The Vista Smart Sensor family supports camera slew-to-cue for directing cameras to threat, adjunct processor to support other existing radar systems, and exporting of tracks to C2 systems.

The Vista display Java client, available to any computer on the network, uses standard NTDS symbology for maritime and land target threat levels. The Vista display Java client also supports multiple sensor feeds, including sensor integration into the Vista client supporting AIS and Blue force tracking, forensic track history database and open standard maps and/or external map servers.

System Components

Smart Sensor Radar Processor (SSRP)

  • Advanced signal processor provides wide-area detection and tracking
  • Includes archive for replay or forensic track analysis
  • Designed for elevated temperatures and high-vibration environments

Radar Control Unit (RCU)

  • Environmentally sealed option for remote or aerostat applications
  • Enables remote, web-based radar control, including customized radar modes for land surveillance applications
  • Outputs raw radar signals to SSRP

Commercial Navigation Radar

  • Various scanner options available, from 4 kW (2 ft antenna) up to 50 kW (10 ft antenna)
  • Can connect to and use existing radars or third party scanners

Vista Client Display

  • Track client displays
  • System status and control

This is an ITAR restricted product and requires an export license to ship outside the United States.

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Vista Research is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerostar International, Inc.