Project Loon

Raven Aerostar Super Pressure Balloons

Raven Aerostar has partnered with Google in their audacious Moonshot called Project Loon to provide wireless Internet access to millions of people worldwide. Using Raven Aerostar Super Pressure Balloons, Google has the potential to change countless lives. The benefits of widespread connectivity range from general access of knowledge and furthering education to medical care and enriched agriculture.

Raven Aerostar is our balloon design partner and manufacturer of our envelopes. They bring to the project decades of expertise in high altitude balloon engineering as well as the latest breakthroughs in super pressure balloon engineering."

— Mike Cassidy, former Project Lead, Google[x]

Raven Aerostar's Super Pressure Balloon

The Super Pressure Balloons used by Project Loon are designed and manufactured by Raven Aerostar. These high altitude, long duration balloons carry Google’s Internet-providing technology to new heights.

In 2012, we began tailoring our already proven Super Pressure Balloon design to align with the mission requirements of Project Loon. Today, our technological leaps are revolutionizing lighter-than-air platforms and mission capabilities.

Using wind patterns, payload technology, and balloon design, these platforms move along a desired path while being tracked in real-time. At the end of flight, each balloon deploys a Raven Aerostar Payload Recovery Parachute to ensure a safe recovery.

The highly technical and specialized material of our Super Pressure Balloons, manufactured by Raven's own Engineered Films Division, is as thin as a typical sandwich bag.

Project Loon is a Raven Aerostar collaboration with Google that celebrates a common mission to Solve Great Challenges through innovative technology and to provide critical communication capabilities to developing nations."

— Lon Stroschein, Raven Director of Corporate Development