Raven Industries Aerostar Division Awarded Contracts for Persistent Surveillance System


Raven Aerostar Technical Solutions was awarded a $5.7M contract (August 23, 2019) to deliver TIF-25K Aerostat Systems sparing hardware to the existing six aerostat sites in Afghanistan. Aerostar Technical Solutions was also awarded a $4.7M contract (September 25, 2019) to deliver two TIF 25K Aerostat Systems and associated sparing hardware in support of two additional aerostat sites in Afghanistan. Both contracts will be delivered within the next 12 months.

The TIF-25K® Tethered Aerostat offers a rapidly deployable persistent aerial platform for communication, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance payloads. Tethered Aerostats are the most cost-effective and adaptable persistent surveillance platform on the market.

Additional information on Raven’s Tethered Aerostats.