Super Pressure Balloons

Combining world class quality and proven success to deliver high altitude solutions

Soaring Heights. New Horizons.

Raven Aerostar's Super Pressure Balloons offer groundbreaking scientific, engineering, and communication advances in the stratosphere. 

These high altitude balloons allow missions to be executed at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional stratospheric platforms.

With a design that ensures optimal stability, these platforms offer the flexibility to refresh payload technology, recover payload equipment, and, in some cases, re-use mission equipment.  Increased detection, recognition, and identification capabilities can also be achieved with line of sight (LOS) sensors integrated on the platform.  



The performance of the Aerostar balloons has been outstanding. The scientists are elated with the altitude profiles. It's clear that Aerostar's commitment to quality is paying dividends to the science community. These balloons are absolutely perfect."

— Danny Ball, Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility Site Manager


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