Raven Aerostar

At the core of our identity is our desire to solve great challenges and deliver life-saving solutions. We are committed to rapid innovation of highly technical and ground-breaking technology for critical missions that can change the world.

Raven Aerostar is a technology company born out of the roots of our high altitude ballooning missions going back to the 1950s. Today, we have taken lighter-than-air to all new heights by leveraging the most brilliant minds, materials and machinery over the span of more than 55 years.

Raven Aerostar designs and manufactures solutions that most affordably deliver integrated situational awareness. Whether it’s sensors on a tower, on an aerostat, or on an airship in the stratosphere, we have the ability to provide an integrated systems solution. This ensures our customers have access to a single contact for all of their needs.

Raven Aerostar passionately believes our customer is our partner. With a focus on the end user, we strive to design, build and deliver solutions that solve great challenges.

Raven is a pioneer company working to solve great challenges; our work is driven by our passion. Providing radar technology to the U.S. Department of Defense, stratospheric balloons to NASA and Google’s Project Loon, and situational awareness to ports around the U.S., we are pioneering new technology – our technology.

Raven Aerostar is a growth-minded business. Our investments in our team and our technology will always be aligned with our long-term strategy for growth. We are a business who will compete on – and invest in – the service, innovation, quality and peak performance of our team members. This is not something we say, this is a culture we live.

  • Communications + BLOS

    When communications are mission-critical, our solutions connect wireless networks in theater.

  • Infrastructure Protection

    Raven Aerostar systems offer a means to ramp-up security with 24/7 situational awareness.

  • Scientific Research

    Make observations, gather data, and conduct formal experiments—at all altitudes.

  • Maritime + Port Security

    Our solutions protect ports and borders on a daily basis, ensuring safety to those in harm's way.

  • Homeland + Border Security

    Our systems are used for security objectives―preventing conflict and promoting national interests.

  • Military Force Protection

    Our total situational awareness solutions provide heightened security for military operations.