Fuel Handler Coverall

"Parachutes and Protective Wear are both core product lines. ... We are confident that our solutions offer cost-effective protection for our armed forces on the ground."

– Dan Rykhus, Raven Industries President & CEO

Protection & Breathability in Hazardous Environments

Raven Aerostar’s Fuel Handler Coverall provides protection against jet fuel for operators who work inside aircraft fuel tanks and tanks with anti-explosive foams. The Fuel Handler Coverall’s unique fabric provides electrostatic protection and significantly greater protection from jet fuels than treated cotton coveralls; its breathability minimizes the risk of heat stress and allows for longer sustained activity.

Military Outerwear Fabric

Using breathable Gore-Tex® Military Outerwear Fabric, the Fuel Handler Coverall is the first garment to combine comfort with protection from liquid fuel splash. The Military Outerwear Fabric provides resistance against perspiration and contaminates, such as jet fuel, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, DEET, petroleum, oils and lubricants. The resilient fabric is constructed from a nylon filament outer material, a breathable membrane, and an anti-static nylon knit backer, which delivers better durability and a longer life cycle.


  • Generous sizing allows for more freedom of movement and easy donning and doffing
  • Versatile and durable; used by maintenance personnel in a broad range of conditions
  • Liquid penetration resistance for wet fuel operations
  • Relief from heat stress; increased comfort by allowing sweat vapor to escape
  • Wind protection; keeps the wearer warmer and more protected in cold, windy conditions
  • Effective barrier against sand and other particles
    Detachable hood can be used with or without a respirator
  • Storm flaps prevent liquid from penetrating the zipper
  • Inner stretch cuff and outer sleeve closure minimize liquid entry

U.S. Air Force Approved

As a result of "JP-8 Personnel Protective Equipment and Coverall Durability Studies," a tri-layer Fuel Handler’s Coverall is required by U.S. Air Force Technical Order 1-1-3, Inspection and Repair of Aircraft Integral Tanks and Fuel Cells. This coverall is extensively tested and meets USAF requirements for liquid penetration/heat stress, anti-static, durability and fit.

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