OTS Dry Undersuit

"It's a great feeling for our employees to know that our South Dakota-based manufacturing company is contributing to the war effort."

– Lon Stroschein, Raven Director of Corporate Development

A Unique Anti-Exposure Protection Solution

The OTS Dry Undersuit, a Multifabs brand of survival suit, integrates thermal protection with a low profile design and is worn underneath a flight suit or standard operator clothes. The lightweight and breathable fabric reduces thermal burden in heat and protects against hypothermia should the wearer enter cold waters.

The OTS Dry Undersuit is utilized by the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as by offshore oil and gas operators around the world for protection from hypothermia in the harshest environments.


Six styles are available with a variety of configurations:

  • Neoprene or latex neck and wrist seal options
  • Vertical or horizontal relief zipper options available; the vertical relief zipper is oriented to integrate with urinary collection devices
  • Attached waterproof stretch socks
  • Custom sizing available

Maintenance Service

Raven Aerostar offers maintenance service for military and commercial users. Replacement components are also available for qualified repair facilities and military technicians.

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