Vista Research

In operational environments such as border security, battlefield surveillance, or infrastructure protection, time is your most critical asset. Vista’s Smart Sensor Radar Systems are designed and optimized for tracking targets in the air, on land and by sea providing precise and advanced actionable intelligence, offering operators the time they need to make the correct decision.

With over 30 years of experience delivering critical analysis and engineering expertise, Vista Research is committed to providing its customers with the innovative solutions that they require and answers they can trust.

Vista specializes in the analysis of remote sensor data and the development of sophisticated signal processing algorithms to enhance signals of interest and to remove noise sources. Vista has both software and hardware engineering resources to quickly develop prototype real time systems and production solutions.

Vista's innovative staff of scientists and engineers can provide a wide range of analysis and engineering services.


  • Data Collection and Test Planning
  • Modeling
  • Data Analysis
  • Signal Processing


  • Algorithm Design

  • Code Simulation and Performance Evaluation


  • Software Design

  • Real-Time Code Implementation

  • Code Testing and Performance Evaluation

  • User Interface Design and Implementation


  • Prototype Design

  • System Construction

  • Field Demonstration and Testing